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Our Story

David Horne

David Horne  - Our Founder.

David Horne was passionate about the benefits of mentoring for young people.


In response to the boom in popularity of the internet and the increased need for child protection, he wanted to provide a secure internet based application that enabled mentoring via e-mail.

eMentor Pro was designed and written in mid 2002 by David, together with another former IBM colleague, with secondary school students in mind to help with their personal/ professional development, confidence and self-esteem. It also offers the opportunity for the students to be paired with experienced business people to give them a better perspective of the world of work and to ask work-related questions.  It also allows vulnerable adults to be mentored.

Following David's untimely death in April 2009 we picked up the torch which was his passion and are proud to continue to look at new and interesting ways in which eMentor Pro can help more people. 

We have continued to improve the functionality of eMentor Pro with the same dedication to our users' safety as David did when eMentor Pro was first designed.  

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