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About eMentor Pro

eMentor Pro have been working together with organisations to help them set up and run their e-mentoring projects since 2003.  We have a very consultative approach when working with our customers.  Our ethos is, that as a small company, we can offer a unrivalled level of customer service and support.  We want to ensure that each project performs to the best of it's ability without compromising on the safety of our users.

Each new customer chooses their own URL which we purchase on their behalf inclusive of their yearly licence fee.  This site can then be customised to include logos, backgrounds, images and further customisations as needed. .


End users send and receive emails using their registered email accounts (work or school, gmail, yahoo, hotmail...etc).  This means that they do not need to log on the site to access their emails.  All of the safeguarding measures and censorship happen as the email gets processed. These email addresses are kept private from each other. 

All emails that are sent are recorded and can be viewed by the coordinator.  Even if a user deletes an email on their personal email platform it cannot be deleted on eMentor Pro

The security of eMentor Pro is in the forefront of how it is developed and run.  Not only is it technically secure but the safeguarding and online security of our mentors and mentees are paramount with everything we do.  

All mentoring emails that go through eMentor pro go through a series of security checks and censorship processes, these include:

  • Removal of telephone numbers*

  • Removal of Email addresses*

  • Removal of Urls*

  • Replace Censored words with ****

  • Copies of all Attachments are sent to a coordinator.

*Dependant on the needs of the project and the age of the participants these can be adapted and can be individually tailored to each site)

It is easy to pull off reports on specific email activity, user profile reports and mentor pair reports. You can also compose broadcast emails and specify who they are set to. 


Eg.  all Mentors from X organisation who haven't been in communication for 2 weeks.

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