We have been providing secure eMentoring platforms to Charities, Universities, Businesses and Local Authorities – allowing them to create a safe e-mentoring environment for young and vulnerable people since 2003.

eMentor Pro is a specialist, secure and safe email forwarding system; enabling users to receive all e-mentoring correspondence directly into their inbox. Making it a seamless mentoring experience.

We provide organisations with secure safeguarding e-mentoring platform which is designed to allow mentoring to take place in a safe environment.  We are passionate about e-mentoring.  We are dedicated to giving the best customer service and helping to create successful mentoring programmes.

eMentor Pro allows users to correspond by their registered email address and yet keep their email address hidden.  All emails are sent in the normal fashion but are directed through their eMentor Pro site.  The recipient will only ever see their sender's e-mentor Pro email address.

All emails go through a series of checks and processes. These include censoring out real email addresses, telephone numbers, websites and inappropriate language. All emails are recorded and can be reported on.

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